Shoes Factory is the result of more than 50 years of experience in the footwear industry. Two generations dedicated to the shoe, giving it the love, experience and good work of a purely handmade shoe.

What Shoes Factory proposes is that the customer is satisfied with the quality and service of the product we make and the peace of mind of a personalized attention to their needs.

If you have the brand and the idea, bring your collection and we will manufacture it by setting a delivery date. If you have the brand and you don't have a collection, our design team and modelers will develop that collection you need.

What products we manufacture

The shoes we manufacture range from slippers, drivers, boots and Blake to nautical, sneakers, espadrilles and Goodyear , all customized. If the client wants it, we also have all kinds of finishes including patina. We have men's and women's lasts with a European and American fit and the possibility of adapting them to the needs of each country.


Materials and Personalization

Regarding materials and customization, in our facilities we have leather soles that we can finish in 8 hand-painted colors . We also have rubber, TPU, extralite soles… We have excellent quality materials in our warehouse, both in leather and in fabrics, and of course, the possibility of personalizing them either with our embroideries or by developing your own. The same happens if you want to use Swarovski transfer in your personalization.

Eco production

We have an ECO production, made with recycled materials both in the upper and in the soles, that is, a totally sustainable collection with an ecological certificate.

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